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Turning a Game Around

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Turning a Game Around

Turning a Game Around

Understanding how you reached this stage
There are two key reasons you may be behind on points and nodes captured:

  • You overextended - read more in the 'Overextending' guide.
  • Your team has been outrotated up to this point.

Take control

  • Don't panic. Don't flame your teammates either.
  • Regroup as a team, do not push nodes one by one!
  • The first fight you engage, you want to outnumber. This is important as you want to quickly build yourself up an advantage over the enemy team via kills and a node capture.
  • From here, you want to spread out as a group. Unless the enemy team disengaged, you should outnumber them on the map. In this case you can quickly gain map control of your close point and the mid point.
  • If you find that you cannot win that first fight after respawning, quickly disengage and move to a new point. This is particularly good if you can leave a player holding an outnumbered fight on the point you left.
  • Make sure not to overextend onto the far point. By the time you reach it, the first kills after your respawn will be in that area of the map. Make sure to keep an eye on your close point, as its likely they will also look to engage that.

Maintaining control

  • Don't make the same mistakes that led you to this situation in the first place.
  • Don't overextend after killing the enemy team. You can read more about overextending here.
  • If you're struggling to maintain three caps, pull back and just rotate between two.
  • Don't have long fights on enemy captured points! This wastes significant amounts of time.
  • Always keep an eye on enemy respawns when rotating. You should always be aware of what players are on the map, and where they are.

Using secondary mechanics

  • With the exception of Battle of Khylo, Eternal Colisseum and Forest of Niflhel, all secondary mechanics can prove to be an effective strategy to turn around a game.
  • On Revenge of the Capricorn, Temple of the Silent Storm and Skyhammer, the frequently spawning, timed secondary mechanics can force enemy players off nodes they are camping.
  • Keeping an eye on these timers, and positioning yourself so you are prepared to engage them can give your team the mechanic, as well as an opportunity to get decaps with little to no resistance.
  • In the case of Legacy of the Foefire, a Lord push can result in the enemy team panicking, and sending multiple players to come defend.
  • The area around the Lord is a very good area to kite multiple players, giving your team an opportunity to outnumber the enemy on the rest of the map, as well as giving you an opportunity to gain 150 points.
  • It should be noted however, that this is an extremely risky strategy, and should only be carried out as a last resort, as it puts your team at a massive disadvantage if you do not get any benefit from players being pulled to defend, or if you die too quickly. Even players not coming to defend, and a free lord kill being acquired can result in this tactic being a failure if the enemy team maintains a triple cap.

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