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Rotation Basics

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Rotation Basics

Rotation Basics

Understanding Conquest

Conquest in its most basic form can be simplified down to three sets of "Rock, Paper, Scissors" - one on each node.

  • You want to move the players on your team to the nodes where they are most effective.
  • For example, you want a player that wins 1v1s to be on the same node as an enemy player that cannot.
  • Conquest is about strategy more than fighting. Superior fighters can lose to players who rotate better.
  • Fights simply act as a way of carrying out the teams strategy.

Roles in Conquest

Each Role has a specific task that it needs to achieve. These roles are also shown on the class specific build pages

  • Duelists
    • Classes with high winrates in 1v1 or 1vX. They don't engage teamfights in favour of pushing other nodes.
  • Supports
    • Classes with high boon and healing application to allies. They engage in teamfights, or more generally where their allies need support.
  • DPS
    • Classes with high damage, but lack self-sustainability. They engage in teamfights, and avoid 1v1s. They rely on the support of their team to stay alive.
  • Roamers
    • Classes with high mobility and strong damage. They rarely push for 1v1s, instead pushing to outnumber a fight elsewhere on the map and quickly burst down a target, as well as decapping and capping nodes.


The optimum strategy for winning is to outnumber the enemy team on nodes either through rotating or kills.

To achieve this strategy you should follow these basic principles:

  • Play to the strengths of your role. Don't 1v1 on a build made for teamfighting!
  • Don't fight for too long on an enemy captured node! You're wasting time!
  • Don't die! Leave the fight before you die; dying puts your team at a massive disadvantage.
  • If you can't win a fight where you outnumber the enemy within one minute, you should leave and rotate to another point.
  • Don't fight too far from a node! The point is the objective!
  • Don't rush one by one into a point! Regroup as a team then push!

Opening Strategies

Many players understand the need to cover at least two nodes at the start of the game, but they often limit themselves to a 1-4 split.

Your opening strategy should be dictated by your team composition, as well as the enemy team's.

  • For instance, if your team has at least one roamer then pushing three nodes in 1 far, 3 mid, 1 close split is often the best strategy, because you can quickly rotate between them.
  • Similarly, having three Duelists on your team against a very teamfight heavy comp suggests you should push side nodes on the opening and avoid teamfights in a 3 far, 2 close split.
  • However, if your team is more limited in its mobility, then pushing two nodes 4 mid, 1 close split, and rotating between them is the best strategy.

The enemy team's composition should also dictate how you should open the game. If they have two or more roamers then pushing only two nodes is optimal in order to avoid constant decaps.

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