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What is 'Overextending'?

Overextending is the act of trying to gain a map advantage that your team can't sustain.

When does it happen?

  • The most common occurence of it is when you teamwipe the enemy team at once, this means that they have no staggered respawns.
  • Staggered respawns are important because they prevent the enemy team from regrouping fully without players waiting in spawn for the rest of their team.
  • When groups respawn together and push their contested close node then they will often outnumber your team, resulting in easy kills for the enemy team.
  • This gives them a massive map advantage, enough to completely turn the map - and the game - around.

How can you prevent it?

  • Engaging the third node after a teamwipe from the enemy team isn't a bad option, however you need to understand that holding it for extended durations is not a priority.
  • Like with any fight, as soon as you start losing, players low, or low on cooldowns, you should begin disengaging.
  • By disengaging before dying, you limit any momentum the enemy team would gain. You also give yourself the opportunity for your team's Roamers to decap the point in the immediate future.
  • The best play possible, is to disengage and have your mesmer (if your team has one) leave a portal on the point you are disengaging from. This gives your team a massive advantage as they are then forced to track your mesmer's portal.
  • You can also use a mesmer portal to help you disengage if you lack serious mobility. Simply porting to anywhere else on the map is effective, and gives you an opportunity to re-engage if you can by going back through.

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