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Skill Cancelling

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Skill Cancelling

Skill Cancelling

What is Skill Cancelling useful for?

By cancelling a skill cast, you can achieve one of two things:

  • Cancel a skill that would have been wasted, or would be counter productive (eg. it would proc [s=FullCounter])
  • Bait dodges by cancelling the animations of high impact skills (eg. [s=PrimeLightBeam])

How is it done?

In order to cancel a skill, it is remarkably simple, after starting the skill cast, simply press stow weapon key to cancel it.

There are however some skills that cannot be cancelled mid animation, particuarly those that lock you in the animation, or have you in the air. One such example would be [s=HolographicShockwave], with some of these skills you can actually still cancel them by rapidly pressing your Strafe Left and Strafe Right keys. This will break the animation, though you need to be very quick.

The video below shows you some of the baits you can do when cancelling elite skills as some show the full animation all the time (eg. [s=ChaoticRelease], [s=ChilledtotheBone]) whilst some will show the full animation if cancelled at the last moment ([s=PrimeLightBeam]), if you practice this a lot, then the timing becomes very natural and you can become extremely effective at forcing dodges from others.


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