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No-Port Spots

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No-Port Spots

No-Port Spots

What is a No-Port Spot?

  • It is a point on the map where there is no line of sight, preventing ports such as [s=Steal] and [s=JudgesIntervention] from casting.
  • This allows you to avoid large amounts of burst from classes like [c=Revenant], [c=Thief], [c=Mesmer] and [c=Guardian] which have good access to ports.

When and how to use No-Port Spots

  • When engaging in a fight, classes with ports usually have an advantage as they can force players immediately to be defensive.
  • Using a No-Port spot obviously prevents them from engaging you, meaning you have an opportunity to engage them instead.
  • That said, these spots tend to not be on or near points, meaning you cannot cap and be safe at the same time.
  • An example of a good time to use a No-Port spot would be when being +1ed by a thief. By preventing them from hitting steal, you extremely limit their usefulness.


You can find a full list of No-Port Spots under each map guide.

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