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Why is Kiting Important?
Inevitably when in PvP you will be outnumbered in a fight at some point, rather than dying or completely leaving the point, kiting acts as a way of relieving some pressure whilst also keeping you nearby the point.

There are several ways this can be achieved:

  • Using Stealth
  • Using Movement
  • Using Terrain


Using Stealth

  • [c=Stealth] allows you disengage and reset some cooldowns, or set up for a large burst.
  • [c=Stealth] also has the added bonus of resetting the target for the enemy team, making it more difficult to coordinate burst on you.
  • The downside however is that whilst stealthed you cannot maintain capture point contribution, just as if you were invulnerable.


Using Movement
The vast majority of players are very predictable in their movement. Predictable movement means that it is often very easy to hit large attacks.

By changing up how you move, you can significantly reduce the opportunity an opponent has in a fight of hitting you.

Examples include:

  • Moving through your opponent.
  • Randomly changing direction.
  • Using movement skills to constantly engage and disengage the target.

Movement Speed also takes a vital role in being able to kite effectively.

  • Movement Speed is capped at 139% of out of combat speed.
  • Additionally, speed boosts don't stack!
  • Having access to at least 25% movement speed boost is very important as it allows you to kite more effectively.
  • Common Movement Speed Boosts:
    • Swiftness (33%)
    • Superspeed (100%)
    • Class specific traits such as Unable to load item
    • Rune of the Lynx

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