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Dealing with Downstates

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Dealing with Downstates

Dealing with Downstates

A large issue that many players have is struggling to know what to do with a downstate - both allied and enemy. Here are some brief pointers to help you.

When you have killed an enemy player:

The general rule is that you want the downstate to bleed out so that they have about a 30 second respawn timer.

However, if there are enemies nearby and they're attempting to revive the player then you should cleave.

Stomps should only be used if:

  • it can be guaranteed (eg. Stomping with [s=ElixirS] ).
  • you have teammates already cleaving but they're slowly ressing and you have just enough time to stomp.

If the enemy downstate is being 'signeted' then it's important to either interrupt the player casting signet or for the downstate body to be knocked away from its point of origin (where the Signet/Glyph will be cast). The only kind of CC able to move a downstate is Launch. Skills like dab are perfect for this.


When one of your allies goes down:

If one of your allies goes down it's imperative you get them back up as soon as possible. This is because you lose significant momentum in a fight from both trying to res (where you don't get the opportunity to counter pressure the enemy) as well as the lost cooldowns from having to deal with that situation. 

For that reason, ressing is an all or nothing deal. You either get the player up immediately and begin fighting again, or you leave them as burning through cooldowns to revive them is not worth it. Its very likely that it could cost you another death which would be catastrophic.

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