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Buffs and Stats

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Buffs and Stats

Buffs and Stats

The Basics

  • Boons are positive effects to your character
  • Conditions are negative effects to your character
  • Boons can be ripped, and Conditions can be cleansed through skills and combo fields
  • Boons can be converted into Conditions and vice versa by various skills

Boons and Conditions

  • 20px-Aegis.pngAegis - blocks the next attack and stacks in duration.
  • 20px-Alacrity.pngAlacrity - reduces the recharge of skills by 20% and stacks in duration.
  • 20px-Fury.pngFury - increases critical hit chance by 20% and stacks in duration.
  • 20px-Might.pngMight - increases power and condition damage by 30 and stacks in intensity.
  • 20px-Protection.pngProtection - incoming damage reduced by 33% and stacks in duration.
  • 20px-Quickness.pngQuickness - increases skill animation speed by 50% and stacks in duration.
  • 20px-Regeneration.pngRegeneration - gain health every second and stacks in duration.
  • 20px-Resistance.pngResistance - incoming conditions are nullified and stacks in duration.
  • 20px-Retaliation.pngRetaliation - damage attackers each time they hit and stacks in duration.
  • 20px-Stability.pngStability - cannot be CC'ed and stacks in duration.
  • 20px-Swiftness.pngSwiftness - movement speed increased by 33% and stacks in duration.
  • 20px-Vigor.pngVigour - endurance regen increased by 50% and stacks in duration.


  • 20px-Bleeding.pngBleeding - deals damage every second and stacks in intensity.
  • 20px-Burning.pngBurning - deals damage every second and stacks in intensity.
  • Confusion.pngConfusion - deals damage on skill use, stacks in intensity.
  • 20px-Poison.pngPoison - deals damage every second, decreases healing by 33% and stacks in intensity.
  • 20px-Torment.pngTorment - deals damage every second with increased damage whilst moving and stacks in intensity.
  • 20px-Blinded.pngBlind - your next attack misses and stacks in duration.
  • 20px-Chilled.pngChill - movement speed -66%, skill cooldowns +66% and stacks in duration.
  • 20px-Crippled.pngCripple - movement speed -50% and stacks in duration.
  • 20px-Fear.pngFear - forced retreat, unable to attack and stacks in duration.
  • 20px-Immobile.pngImmobilise - unable to move and stacks in duration.
  • 20px-Slow_40px.pngSlow - increases skill animation time by 50% and stacks in duration.
  • 20px-Taunt.pngTaunt - forced to attack enemies and stacks in duration.
  • 20px-Weakness.pngWeakness - endurance regen -50%, 50% of hits do 50% less damage and stacks in duration.
  • 20px-Vulnerability.pngVulnerability - condition and power damage is increased by 1% and stacks in intensity.


Conversion Table



Primary Stats - these have a base of 1000 in PvP

  • Power increases your raw direct damage.
  • Precision increases your Critical Chance.
  • Toughness increases your Armour.
  • Vitality increases your health pool.


Secondary Stats - these have a base of 0 in PvP

  • Concentration increases your boon duration.
  • Condition Damage increases the strength of damaging conditions.
  • Expertise increases your Condition Duration.
  • Ferocity increases your Critical Damage
  • Healing Power increases the healing you do to yourself and allies.


Tertiary Stats - these are derived from your Primary and Secondary stats

  • Armour reduces the direct damage you take.
  • Boon Duration increases the duration of your boons.
  • Critical Chance increases your likelihood of critically hitting when doing direct damage.
  • Critical Damage increases the additional damage that a critical hit does.
  • Condition Duration increases the duration of your conditions.
  • Health is the maxima of your health pool. It is affected by profession choice.


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