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Buffs and Stats

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Buffs and Stats

Buffs and Stats

The Basics

  • Boons are positive effects to your character
  • Conditions are negative effects to your character
  • Boons can be ripped, and Conditions can be cleansed through skills and combo fields
  • Boons can be converted into Conditions and vice versa by various skills

Conversion Table

Hover over each boon and condition to see what they do if you are unsure.



Primary Stats - these have a base of 1000 in PvP

  • Power increases your raw direct damage.
  • Precision increases your Critical Chance.
  • Toughness increases your Armour.
  • Vitality increases your health pool.


Secondary Stats - these have a base of 0 in PvP

  • Concentration increases your boon duration.
  • Condition Damage increases the strength of damaging conditions.
  • Expertise increases your Condition Duration.
  • Ferocity increases your Critical Damage
  • Healing Power increases the healing you do to yourself and allies.


Tertiary Stats - these are derived from your Primary and Secondary stats

  • Armour reduces the direct damage you take.
  • Boon Duration increases the duration of your boons.
  • Critical Chance increases your likelihood of critically hitting when doing direct damage.
  • Critical Damage increases the additional damage that a critical hit does.
  • Condition Duration increases the duration of your conditions.
  • Health is the maxima of your health pool. It is affected by profession choice.


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