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About Face

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About Face

About Face

What is About Facing?

About Facing is the process by which you turn your character 180° using the About Face key. This allows you to utilise skills that move you backwards ordinarily, to move forwards.

About Face also has additional uses such as allowing you to run off ledges, turn your character 180° and land back on the ledge, baiting enemy players off of it.

How is it done?

You need to have the About Face key bound as well as the Free Camera setting enabled, as neither are active in the unedited game settings.

  • Hold down Left Click (but not Right).
  • Press your About Face key.
  • Press your movement skill (eg. Acid Bomb on Engineer or Phase Retreat on Mesmer).
  • Right click to reset your character's direction to where your camera is facing once the animation is finished.

You can see some examples of how it looks both quickly and slowly in the video below.


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