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Temple of the Silent Storm

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Temple of the Silent Storm

Temple of the Silent Storm

About the Map
This map has the 'Meditations' secondary mechanic:

  • Every three minutes one of the meditations will become active.
  • Meditations are channels. Being hit will cancel the channel. You cannot stealth or invuln the channel.
  • 'Meditation of Stillness' - in the center of the map - gives an additional point for each node captured by the team that channeled it. This effect lasts for 25 ticks (50 seconds).
  • 'Meditation of Tranquality' - in the cavern in the north of the map - immediately captures all nodes for the team that channeled it.
  • The timers for the meditations are as follows:
    • 11:30 - Stillness.
    • 8:30 - Stillness & Tranquility.
    • 5:30 - Stillness.
    • 2:30 - Stillness & Tranquility.

Map Specific Rotations
There are cases where the Meditation of Stillness is not worth being fought over, and you should instead move to a node.

  • If neither team has any caps. Go get one of those points.
  • If the enemy team has no caps and has respawns. Reposition yourself towards the mid and far nodes.
  • Tranquility is active, and you aren't winning it.

Tranquility should always have at least one player from your team nearby it to prevent the enemy team channeling it.

  • A 'Duelist' such as a Soulbeast or Holosmith is able to stalemate any cap of Tranquility for a very long time. It can often be better to do this than attempt to fight over it.

Jumping and No-Port Spots


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