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About the Map
This map has the 'Skyhammer' secondary mechanic:

  • Every three minutes the Skyhammer portal and node will become active.
  • The skyhammer node acts like any other node, except when captured by a team, it decaps all enemy points.
  • The skyhammer also does two damage blasts that only affect the team that did not cap the skyhammer. The first hits when the points are decapped, with the second following after.
  • The two blasts deal significant damage and also knock down players. They are however dodgeable, blockable, and invulnerablity works as normal.
  • The timer for the Skyhammer is as follows:
    • 12:00
    • 9:00
    • 6:00
    • 3:00

Map Specific Rotations
The Skyhammer is pretty much always worth engaging. This is because:

  • The decapping mechanic completely nullifies all your point gain. This means you never want to let it hit you.
  • If you are behind in the game, winning it allows you to gain some control back from the map.
  • If you are ahead, you can bunker it with a 'Duelist' such as ranger and prevent the enemy team from gaining any advantage.
  • The Skyhammer map is actually very small, meaning that engaging and disengaging the point is not difficult, and you are not harshly punished for doing so.

Jumping and No-Port Spots


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