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Revenge of the Capricorn

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Revenge of the Capricorn

Revenge of the Capricorn

About the Map

This map has the 'Bell' secondary mechanic:

  • Every three minutes the bell capture node to the north of the map will become active.
  • This node gives an increasing number of points to teams that capture it, for each additional time they do so.
    • First Capture: 25 points.
    • Second Capture: 50 points.
    • Third Capture: 75 points.
    • Fourth Capture: 100 points.
  • Captures do not have to be consecutive in order to get the point bonus.

Map Specific Rotations

The bell is not necessary to win, if you hold two nodes, then you shouldn't risk giving them up for 25 points on the first bell.

This map is very large, some 'Duelist' classes with low mobility will not be able to reach the far node in time to prevent the full cap on the opening.

Kiting and No-Port Spots


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