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Legacy of the Foefire

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Legacy of the Foefire

Legacy of the Foefire

About the Map
This map has the 'Lords' secondary mechanic:

  • Each team has a Lord NPC next to their spawn, with various minions defending it.
  • Enemy players are forced to break down a gate before gaining access to the enemy lord.
  • Notifications are shown to teams when their gates are being broken down, and when their lord is under attack.
  • Killing the enemy lord awards your team with 150 points.

Map Specific Rotations

  • The lord can be used as a way of securing a clear win, or to make a clutch comeback.
    • Despite this, pushing for the lord is a risky play.
  • It will take a significant amount of time for one player to solo the lord, and if multiple leave to assist, it puts your team in an outnumbered situation on the map. This means you cannot maintain any nodes you have capped.
  • Additionally, because of the fact that the lord is situated next to that given team's spawn, it is easy for the enemy team to funnel in to defend.
  • Often however, players will panic when they see their lord is under attack, sending 1-2 players to defend. This can be taken advantage of:
    • By kiting multiple players around in the lord area you can prevent players from assisting their team on the rest of the map.
    • You can repeatedly engage and disengage the lord, forcing the enemy team to constantly check on the lord's status. This is particularly good if you're on a highly mobile build.

Jumping and No-Port Spots


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