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Forest of Niflhel

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Forest of Niflhel

Forest of Niflhel

About the Map
This map has the 'Beasts' secondary mechanic:

  • The beasts spawn first one minute after the match begins, then respawn three minutes from the time they die.
  • Killing a beast yields the team that did the last strike 25 points and +50 to all base stats for 90 seconds.
    • 'Chieften Utahein' - in the north-west of the map.
    • 'Svanir' - in the north-east of the map.

Map Specific Rotations

  • Nodes should always be prioritised over the beasts.
  • Beasts should only be killed when your team has control of the map. Sacrificing a node for a flat 25 points is not worthwhile.
  • Be aware where enemy thieves are when attacking a beast. It is the last strike that claims the beast kill for a team, not the most damage done.

Jumping and No-Port Spots


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