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Djinn’s Dominion

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Djinn’s Dominion

Djinn’s Dominion

About the Map
This map has the 'Lamp' secondary mechanic:

  • Every 2 minutes the Lamp will open.
  • Capturing the capture node within the lamp will give the winning team one of three possible special action skills.
    • Make sure to have the Special Action key bound.
    • Every player on the winning team will gain one charge of the skill.
    • The skill that the lamp will give is shown ahead of time.
  • The three special action skills have the following effects:
    • A slow falling ice meteor that is the radius of a point. If it hits, it does 50% of any foe it touchs' health.
    • A small ground pulsing AOE that removes all conditions and boons, hits both allies and foes.
    • A missile attack that damages for 20% of the target's health, and leaves a stacking buff on target. The more stacks of the buff on the target, the more damage the missile does.
  • Capturing the Lamp again will override the skill.

Map Specific Rotations



Jumping and No-Port Spots

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