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Conquest is a gamemode that is reliant on a number of different playstyles in order to guarantee success - its not just about your mechanical skill - consquently each build featured on this site fulfills a specific role. Some roles gain and lose popularity depending on the overall meta, for instance in really bursty (massive damage) metas you may opt away from a dedicated sidenoder because they'll be sitting around doing nothing whilst the rest of the team dies.


This guide should help you understand the different roles, and on a very basic level, how to fulfill those roles.



The cornerstone of most teams, a build fulfilling this role aims to keep its allies alive for as long as possible through a number of methods:

  1. Healing - fairly simple, they take damage and you heal them.
  2. Boons - boons like Protection and Aegis negate significant amounts of incoming damage.
  3. CC - you don't just have to heal and spam boons! Be proactive - eliminate pressure by keeping your foes away from your allies. Effective skills include dab and dab.
  4. Reviving - Beyond just healing your allies, sometimes you can't save them. At that point you need to be ready to jump in and revive them near instantly. Revive skills such as dab and dab help with this.

An issue most support have however is that they get themselves killed for their allies. This should never happen. Some players just cannot be saved (in the nicest possible sense!), and you need to be prepared to disengage if that's the case.



A teamfighter can be two different styles of build. The first is one which is ultra-reliant on a support to keep it alive whilst dealing significant pressure. The best example of this was Scourge in the 2017-2019 meta. However, in a very bursty meta squishy builds like this do not function well, and tend to be very easy targets. This is where the second, and more common style of Teamfighter comes in; high damage with decent self-sustain - no class has pulled this style of play off better than Herald. The style of play that is required of Teamfighters is as follows:

  1. Target FocusYou should be on that target like glue, dealing as much pressure as possible without getting yourself killed.
  2. Don't tunnel vision!be prepared to switch targets if you spend too long on one.
  3. Rotate to where the Teamfight is - don't hang around in a fight where you outnumber, it's a waste of your time. You could be getting kills on the other side of the map!
  4. Play with your support in minddon't just run off when you're low. This is about the worst thing you can do. Stick with your healer if you have one and don't make the mistake of putting them in a bad position trying to revive you.

If you find yourself without a healer, play it very safe, especially if the enemy team has one, and be prepared to switch up your strategy away from teamfights.


Duelist / Sidenoder

A duelist will look to match an enemy's sidenoder - preferably on one of their nodes, and if they cannot do that they should engage in teamfights and try to pull players away from it to beat in smaller fights on the other nodes.

A sidenoder takes this to more of an extreme, they will aim to be on a sidenode for the majority of the game taking outnumbered fights, and forcing the enemy team to engage them by forcing decaps. These builds are sometimes referred to as bunkers, but they are far less effective than duelist builds as they rarely get kills and particularly in ranked, kills are very important.

Duelists and Sidenoders should always keep an eye on the map. Sometimes it is necessary to go and teamfight, and you need to be prepared for that, just as you should never die. Always disengage as opposed to dying. Dying holding a node outnumbered is useless to everyone.


Roamer / +1er

The concept of this role is probably the most unique to Guild Wars 2. The idea behind it is to rotate between the nodes quickly eliminating players who have no cooldowns by outnumbering them with high burst damage. This role tends to be taken most prominently by Thief, however other builds with decent mobility and high burst can also be highly successful at it.

A common misconception about the role of a Roamer/+1er is that they should constantly be seeking decaps of enemy nodes. This is incorrect, the primary focus of a roamer is to +1 its allies in fights as this is what allows for easy and safe decaps throughout the game as well as the ability to easily capture any map secondary objectives.


Hopefully you understand the basics of each role now; each build listed on this website has been given a role with which it is best suited. Try to play to these roles as they will help you improve and help your teammates understand what you're doing and how to play alongside instead of flaming you 😉

Edited by Angeels