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Keybinds and Settings

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Keybinds and Settings

Keybinds and Settings

In order to be effective in PvP, it is very important that you have not just good keybinds, but also the right stuff bound. The default keybinds for the game do the combat system a great disservice as they do not allow you to play effectively at all.

Important Bindings

  • 'Strafe Left' and 'Strafe Right' (under Movement)
    • You want to swap 'Turn Left' and 'Turn Right' for these two keys. They give you greater control over you character, and leaves your camera control to your mouse.
  • 'About Face' (under Movement)
    • This action is incredibly important for performing some more complex movement actions. You can find a guide on this subject here.
  • 'Stow/Draw Weapons' (under Miscellaneous)
    • This is a must have for PvP. It allows you to cancel the majority of skill casts in the game. You can use this effectively to 'juke' enemy players by forcing a dodge, or to simply stop the use of a large skill that would not hit. You can find a guide on skill cancelling here.

Important Settings

  • 'Show Skill Recharge' - Enabled.
  • 'Show Target Health Percent' - Enabled.
  • 'Field of View' - Maximum.
  • 'Enable Camera Shake' - Disabled.
  • 'Enable Camera Teleportation' - Enabled.
  • 'Use Free Camera' - Enabled.
  • 'Ground Targeting' - Instant.
  • 'Double-Tap to Evade' - Disabled.
  • 'Autotargeting' - Disabled.
  • 'Melee Attack Assist' - Disabled.
  • 'Allow Skill Retargeting' - Enabled.
  • 'Standard Enemy Models' - Enabled.

How should I bind my keys?

This is difficult to describe, simply because every player will have different preferences. You should however aim to have easy access to every key, particularly your stow weapon key. Below is a video from Vallun detailing some options for keybinds, as well as covering a lot of the reasons as to why certain keys and settings are enabled or disabled.


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