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How can I get started?

PvP can seem pretty daunting at first but hopefully we can make that less so with some easy steps you can follow:

  • Make sure you've got the basics covered!
    • Read the guides in the 'Getting Started' and 'Mechanics' sections.


  • Pick up the build for your favourite class.
    • Note there aren't necessarily any 'best' classes, in the current meta all classes have at least one decent build, and the majority are in the competitive meta.


  • Learn how to play your class.
    • Read every skill and trait.
      • Work out what skill and trait synergies your class has.
    • Work out some basic combos.
    • Get a feel of the skills.
    • Practice. Practice. Practice.


  • Read the guides on 'Rotations'.
    • This is where you begin to learn how you should move between nodes.


  • Play!
    • You won't be picture perfect instantly, but by applying the basic knowledge you picked up here, you will find that you rapidly start improving.


  • Watch high level gameplay.
    • Tune into Twitch Streams, and check out YouTube videos from some of the high level players featured on this site, you may find yourself picking up some of the plays they make.

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