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Good Mentality

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Good Mentality

Good Mentality

A lot of people get frustrated when they aren't winning, and most commonly, when they feel that their teammates aren't pulling their weight. Getting into a good mentality for PvP (and this applies to all competitive games!) is super important.

There's a couple of things you need to understand and accept in order to not tilt and most importantly improve:

  1. Everyone makes mistakes. Including you.
  2. No one can read your mind.

The first point is the most important. In a game you lose (with the exception of 500-100 games), you could always have done something more to achieve victory. Evaluate your own gameplay. Were you actually carrying your team like you think you were? The most common example of this is the perception that a player was carrying a game because they were 1v2 for a good duration of it. The answer is no. They weren't. Why? If a player is 1v2ing and their team is still dying that means that someone on the enemy team was doing the same - and was doing a better job. 

Get into the mentality of self-critiquing. The game is on you alone to win.

The second part is all about communication. If you see something going down on the map, tell you team. They can't be expected to see everything you necessarily do. Good callouts include "war inc far", "2 on respawn", etc. and make the world of difference - it keeps your team engaged and focused. Call targets on low players to bring attention to them. Engage with your team and communicate with them. It may not seem like its worth it sometimes, but in the long run you'll find that your own awareness and understanding of what you're doing and what your team is doing massively improves. 

Finally, Tilt-Qing is about the worst thing you can do if you want either a good game experience or to improve at any point. People play considerably worse when tilted and that applies to you too! Take a couple of minutes to cool off before your next game, stretch your legs. This is not only important to get better and have fun, but important for your mental health in the long run - trust me on that.

Stay PMA folks 🙂

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