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This build revolves around using your CC to land hard hitting skills such as   , as well as constantly hitting your F1 and F2 skills in order to hit   and upkeep might. 

Upkeeping might is incredibly important because of the trait   which gives you healing and endurance each time you gain Might. As a result of this,   with its 3 stacks of might each second will give you around 350 healing, as well as an additional 6 endurance restored each second.

Additionally, with the   trait, each time you critically strike with a greatsword ability, you gain might. This means that assuming you hit your abilities, you will be able to regenerate yourself extremely easily.

Your main pressure will come from skills such as:

  •   (Greatsword)
  •   (Greatsword)
  •   (F2)
  •   (Greatsword)
  •   (Sword/Shield)

The Sword autoattack chain is fairly weak, and whilst the Greatsword autoattack chain is hard hitting, it is also fairly slow.

Comboing your damage with your CC is very important, your main CC skills are:

  •   (Utility)
  •   (Elite)
  •   (Sword/Shield)
  •   (Breaking the tether by moving out of range)

Whilst the build can easily avoid most pressure from power orientated builds through dodges and blocks, conditions are still a problem unless you use your cleanses properly.   has two charges, but each charge has a 50 second cooldown, meaning its a long wait if wasted. This skill doubles up as your primary cleanse, as well as only stun break. Using the skill to clear non damaging conditions (Cripple, Chill, Weakness, etc.), or using it to clear low stacks of damaging conditions will result in it being wasted. This can be hugely problematic as you may later need the wasted cleanse.

That said, this build has incredible mobility running both Greatsword and Sword/Shield, meaning that kiting, and disengaging should be fairly easy, even if you are +1ed by an enemy player. It is recommended that you read up on the kiting spots for each map, as this will help you survive longer, and play better.

Full Counter

Using   at the right time is integral to ensure it hits. Remember the onus is on the enemy player to use an ability into it, for you to get the benefits of it. There is however also the consideration that you may want to block a large damaging skill with it, though with the large amount of endurance you gain from   , this is less important as you can simply dodge instead.

An easy way to ensure a hit into your full counter is by using it when the enemy player is in the middle of an autoattack chain. Most autoattack chains have aftercasts between skills making it more difficult to cancel. A good class to do this on is Holosmith. 

Higher level players will try to bait out your full counter, you will often notice this through them pushing less pressure onto you when they think that   is off cooldown. This may be followed by the use of a skill with a large cast time (eg.   ) in order to bait you into using it.

You can get around this quite easily through interrupts and constant pressure, as well as evading any large attacks as needed.


  • You may wish to take   over   for higher pressure, as this will allow you to hit your hard hitting skills like   much more easily, even if the enemy player stunbreaks.

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