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Playing soulbeast revolves around upkeeping boons and out-sustaining your opponent in a 1v1 match up.

Fights are started by using   followed by   when close to your pet and then using   to gain 18 Might, alongside extensive durations of Regeneration and Fury.

  • Your main pressure comes from   with might uptime. Additionally using   for really high pressure.
  • Using   off cool down is important to apply weakness and chill if you hit. It is worth noting, that the weakness applies on the next successful hit.
  • Dodge rolling gives protection from   which has really good synergy with   .
  • Siamoth is the strongest pet in this meta simply because of    which has 1/3 drop chance when using the F2 pet ability. Additionally, when merged you gain access to skills providing a stun break and immunity to normal damage types.  The Siamoth also drops Feather/Hair bundles outside of plasma which grant stealth and blind enemies near you.
  • How you use   is dependent on the matchup. Against power builds you want to use it off cooldown if not 100% HP. Against condition build you want to time the heal to cleanse condition bursts with survival traits   and   . Keep in mind that against power you can also use the skill offensively, to trap players with low cooldowns, utilising the   proc.


When merged with your pet some skills gain additional interactions that you pet would ordinarily only have, such as   which makes your attacks unblockable for 4 seconds. Others include:

  • Weakness on next successful hit buff from   on the merged player when this skill is used.
  • Using stances will give your pet boons which will be doubled in duration or stacks depending on boon.


  • Using off hand Dagger instead of Axe works if you need more sustain instead of offense which Axe off hand offers.
  • Using Smokescale instead of Siamoth gives great pressure and smoke field which you can blast for stealth.
  • You can run   instead of   for more damage at the cost of very high survivability.

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