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Note: None of the Firebrand Tome skills exist in the GW2 API, as such they are simply mentioned. For specifics as to what each skill does, please check in game.

Firebrand's role is to support and keep its teammates alive through the use of Tomes and Mantras aswell as through proper positioning and being able to gauge the next teamfight's location. The Firebrand should always be at the teamfight, as the boons and healing it brings are vital to ensure success. Firebrand works best in combination with a Scourge.

In order to be successful on Firebrand, you must be acutely aware of both your teammates' defensive and enemies' offensive cooldowns. This is so you do not waste your abilities, as while Firebrand can sustain a good duration, it is not limitless. It is also worth noting that you sometimes simply cannot support some players. Players that get quickly bursted often cannot be saved, and in the case of players that are downed amongst high enemy cleave pressure, you should not make attempts to revive them unless you utilise [SKILL].

Your support comes in three forms: boons, healing and counter-pressure.

  • Boons such as Protection and Aegis reduce damage, or actively prevent it. Additionally, Aegis heals through the   trait.
  • Healing from skills such as those in the [SKILL].
  • Counter-pressure in the form of CC from skills such as [SKILL].


Mantras should always be charged. [SKILL] Provides very high access to stability, as well as breaks stuns for allies. You want to be using this constantly, preferably before your team gets hit by CC abilities, as this allows them to maintain pressure on the enemy team, however you do not want be using it when your teammates already have stability. This is where it is important to keep track of your teammate's boons, using the party view on the left side of your screen. This also applies to [SKILL] as this skill applies aegis, which does not stack, thus resulting in it being wasted if used excessively.

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