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  • This class has multiple builds:

    Condi Daredevil
  • Daredevil D/P
    An incredibly frustrating build for enemy players to deal with. Very high stealth uptime and high burst gives it a lot of opportunity to make critical kills in each game.
    Role: Roamer
    Designed for:
    Ranked, Competitive
    Build Template Code:
  • Weapons & Sigils

  • Amulet & Runes

  • Utility Skills

  • Variations

    Make this change for an additional [c=Stunbreak] as well as easy access to [c=Stealth] without having to use combo fields.

    Make this change for great survivability versus compositions with high condition pressure.

    Make this change when you need more survivability or when you will not get as much value from the Venom. This is usually the case in RankedQ where coordination is not to be expected.

  • Traits